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Letter From The President

Brian Corekin Describes The Service and
The Benefits to Our Clients

Our business is solving supply system shortfalls.

When your customer needs fuses today, and your supplier is quoting you delivery in weeks, call Monster Fuses for immediate shipment.

We provide fast, knowledgeable and courteous service, twenty-four/seven. At Monster Fuses we strive to understand your situation, and pay extraordinary attention to every detail of your order from your material request to the delivery logistics. Our goal is simple. When your transaction is complete you will be a hero to your customer.

I have spent twenty plus years supporting electrical supply, service and testing companies providing critical delivery and hard to find components and equipment. In that time many large industrial facilities have drastically reduced, or completely eliminated their MRO storerooms, turning to their electrical wholesaler for material management solutions.

Monster Fuses is a unique resource to help you meet those demands.

Our inventory philosophy is simple, more is better. We aggressively acquire inventory from many sources; purchasing directly from the fuse manufactures, buying wholesaler surplus liquidations and sourcing through a network of electrical dealers. Working from the largest stock of medium voltage fuses in the country, we can cover more 24/7 situations than anyone. When necessary, our strong relationships with the fuse manufactures and our network of dealers enable us to find your fuse, and meet your deadline.

Quality control is 100% of the time at Monster Fuses. Every fuse we ship is DLRO tested, logged, and labeled with the test result. When you order from Monster Fuses we get it right.

Providing medium voltage fuses from stock is our primary focus. Understanding the equipment protected by the fuses is an important part of the service we provide. Monster Fuses will help you identify and source medium voltage motor-starter contactors and switches for equipment built in the 1950's through current models.

Fuses got you in the dark? Call Monster Fuses.

Brian Corekin
President of Monster Fuses