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IdPart NumberMfg VoltageCurrentMfr.DescriptionInventory
47417CCP-AUX0.25 kV0.1 ABUSSMANNCCP Auxiliary Contact0
47846DS36FK0.6 kV0.1 AHubbell0
49306C08918P0.6 kV0.1 AMersen1-1/16" Ferrule Fuse Clips18
44728C08917P0.6 kV0.1 AMersen13/16" Ferrule Fuse Clips28
53836SPL0010.6 kV0.1 ALITTELFUSE600V Fuse Puller0
45407SAMI-7I0.6 kV0.1 ABUSSMANNClass CC, Midget Fuse Block Cover7
46163SAMI-7N0.6 kV0.1 ABUSSMANNClass CC, Midget Fuse Block Cover0
45891SAMI-1I0.6 kV0.1 ABUSSMANNClass R, K, H Fuse Block Cover0
46332SAMI-1N0.6 kV0.1 ABUSSMANNClass R, K, H Fuse Block Cover6
50527SAMI-2N0.6 kV0.1 ABUSSMANNClass R, K, H Fuse Block Cover0
45404SAMI-2I0.6 kV0.1 ABUSSMANNClass R, K, H Fuse Block Cover12
42724626-R0.6 kV0.1 ABUSSMANNReducer0
45380NO.6260.6 kV0.1 ABUSSMANNReducer41
53520WPB10.6 kV0.1 ALITTELFUSESingle Conductor Insulating Boot - 1 End0
453402A06600.6 kV0.1 ABUSSMANNSingle Conductor Insulating Boot - 1 End0
470920273.100V125 V0.1 ALITTELFUSESubminiature 125v0
53275172 000.0.1250 V0.1 ASIBA250V 5x20 Glass0
487960217.100VXP250 V0.1 ALITTELFUSE250V Fast Acting Glass0
47631179 120.0.1250 V0.1 ASIBA250V Time Delay Glass0
48596MDQ-1/10250 V0.1 ABUSSMANN250V Time Delay Glass0
48303LPN-RK-1/10SP250 V0.1 ABUSSMANNClass RK1 250V Time Delay0
52107LLNRK.100250 V0.1 ALITTELFUSEClass RK1 250V Time Delay0
39533FRN-R-1/10250 V0.1 ABUSSMANNClass RK5 250V Time Delay17
48262FLNR.100250 V0.1 ALITTELFUSEClass RK5 250V Time Delay0
51291ECNR.1250 V0.1 AEDISONClass RK5 250V Time Delay0
49482FNA-1/10250 V0.1 ABUSSMANNMidget 125V Time Delay0
41755FNM-1/10250 V0.1 ABUSSMANNMidget 250V Time Delay9
51653MEN.1250 V0.1 AEDISONMidget 250V Time Delay0
52362FLM.100250 V0.1 ALITTELFUSEMidget 250V Time Delay0
44732TRM1/10250 V0.1 AMersenMidget 250V Time Delay137
42332AGC-1/10250 V0.1 ABUSSMANNMiniature 250V Fast Acting45
48920MDA-1/10250 V0.1 ABUSSMANNMiniature 250V Time Delay0
45089MDL-1/10250 V0.1 ABUSSMANNMiniature 250V Time Delay20
475289802229 kV0.1 AS&COverhead Pole Top3
49458KLM-1/10500 V0.1 ABUSSMANNMidget 500V Fast Acting0
37749FNQ-1/10500 V0.1 ABUSSMANNMidget 500V Time Delay1
45145ATQ1/10500 V0.1 AMersenMidget 500V Time Delay30
51627MEQ.1500 V0.1 AEDISONMidget 500V Time Delay0
52345FLQ.100500 V0.1 ALITTELFUSEMidget 500V Time Delay0
47239189140.0.100500 V0.1 ASIBAMiniature 500V Time Lag6
42483ATMR1/10600 V0.1 AMersenClass CC 600V Fast Acting30
44474KTK-R-1/10600 V0.1 ABUSSMANNClass CC 600V Fast Acting40
51670HCLR.1600 V0.1 AEDISONClass CC 600V Fast Acting0
52306KLKR.100600 V0.1 ALITTELFUSEClass CC 600V Fast Acting0
45389ATQR1/10600 V0.1 AMersenClass CC 600V Time Delay0
45963KLDR.100600 V0.1 ALITTELFUSEClass CC 600V Time Delay2
52149LLSRK.100600 V0.1 ALITTELFUSEClass RK1 600V Time Delay0
48322LPS-RK-1/10SP600 V0.1 ABUSSMANNClass RK1 600V Time Delay22
32347TRS1/10R600 V0.1 AMersenClass RK5 600V Time Delay76
45741FRS-R-1/10600 V0.1 ABUSSMANNClass RK5 600V Time Delay10
45743ECSR.1600 V0.1 AEDISONClass RK5 600V Time Delay0
48283FLSR.100600 V0.1 ALITTELFUSEClass RK5 600V Time Delay0
52246IDSR.100600 V0.1 ALITTELFUSEClass RK5 600V Time Delay0
39910KTK-1/10600 V0.1 ABUSSMANNMidget 600V Fast Acting40
45147ATM1/10600 V0.1 AMersenMidget 600V Fast Acting0
43834KLK.100600 V0.1 ALITTELFUSEMidget 600V Fast Acting4
51681MCL.1600 V0.1 AEDISONMidget 600V Fast Acting0
52326KLKD.100600 V0.1 ALITTELFUSEMidget 600V Fast Acting0
5355470 125 40.0.1700 V0.1 ASIBA700V Ultra Rapid0

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Bussmann 250V Auxiliary Contact
CCP Auxiliary Contact 
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Class CC/Midget 
Mfg Voltage:
0.1 A 
Alternate Rating:
60 A 


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